Your experience as a candidate

What is most important for us is to integrate committed, enthusiastic people into our teams.
Whatever your career path, we will be happy to listen to you and discover your talents!


The interview is a key moment to get to know each other. We will be curious, and we hope you will be, too! To prepare for your interview, we suggest you look for information about the Group: not only our activities, our products, our brands, but also our business culture and our values.
During our discussion, let us know who you are and tell us your story, your passion, and the expertise that you have acquired. Rather than a long speech, be concise, specific, and convincing! We like audacity and pragmatism. All your experiences, successes and difficulties should be put forward. Our recruiters will appreciate a sense of detail and analysis as well as your honesty and spontaneity. What is the most important to us, is to ensure that you flourish as part of our team.




How to apply within the Lactalis Group or make an unsolicited application?

Because the decision is made as close to the business as possible, each entity within the Group is responsible for its own recruitment. There may be a different recruiter behind each job opportunity! We therefore suggest you apply for all the jobs that interest you and meet your criteria.
What if no job opportunity meets your expectations?
By creating an account, you can send us your CV making it available to all Lactalis recruiters based in France and our Recruitment Centers in charge of VIE and international recruitments. You will become part of our internal CV database and we may contact you if your career path corresponds to our needs. We suggest you create an alert to be informed of any opportunities in real time.
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Can I apply if I don’t have any experience or qualifications?

Skills can be learnt! To join our teams, it is your motivation that will count above all. Each year, we train all of our new employees at all levels, when they start their job. Developing skills is an HR priority for all entities within the Group. This mindset, along with training programmes, enables each employee to continually improve their skills.
Whatever your background, don’t hesitate to send us your application to begin your own #LactalisExperience!
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What are the different steps in the recruitment process?

At Lactalis, we want your experience as a candidate to be as quick and simple as possible.

We will first have a telephone conversation with the aim of getting to know you and outlining the position.
If the position corresponds to your project and we feel that you will be able to flourish within one of our teams, we will organise a meeting with the entity’s Human Resources Manager and your future manager. This will provide the opportunity to give further details concerning the support that we offer to our future employees and to discuss your motivation and career path. Depending on the profession, you may be required to visit a site to get an understanding for your future work environment.
A second meeting is sometimes organised with your Manager's Manager or operational manager, to get to know you and ensure you have the same will to move forward together. Because we want to bring out the best in you, throughout the recruitment process we seek to conduct our interviews in an authentic, friendly manner.

Generally, you will receive a reply within 10 days and your HR contact will organise everything for when you start your job. If you are unsuccessful, we are always available to provide you with elements to help you understand and we encourage you to apply for other job opportunites. Indeed, there are many opportunities and we strongly believe that one of them will fit your profile. Don’t forget, you can set alerts to be informed in real time of all new opportunities that correspond to your search criteria.
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Why create an account on the Lactalis career website?

For you to be informed in real time of our opportunities and apply more easily, you can create an account on our careers website. This will allow you to:

  • create and manage your job alerts
  • send your application in just a few clicks
  • update your CV or your profile
  • become part of our CV database and be contacted by our recruiters
  • quickly apply for new job opportunities
  • follow the progress of your recruitment process
  • be informed of events organised by the Group (shows, exhibitions, job fairs, etc.)

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How is diversity represented within the Lactalis Group?

Equal opportunities are the centrepiece of our recruitment policy. As a responsible, committed employer, we believe that diversity is an asset for the company, which is why all positions are open to everyone. Our approach to internal promotion means everyone has an opportunity for professional development regardless of their initial qualification.
Lactalis is also a ‘handi-accueillante’ (disabled-friendly) company, which, every year, invests in adapting workstations for employees with special needs.
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I’ve been recruited by Lactalis, what about my induction?

Congratulations and welcome to the Group!
Because your first few days are crucial to your integration, our teams will be keen to prepare your arrival with enthusiasm and consideration. Each employee benefits from a tailor-made integration programme: meeting the team and the people associated with your position, job shadowing to develop your professional expertise, full on-site training or training that includes a multi-profession welcome session at the Group's Corporate Head Office. Everything will be done to ensure that you feel at ease in your new working environment. You will understand that, because everyone is unique, each induction is too!
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Join us to live your own #LactalisExperience!

Join us to live your own #LactalisExperience!